O cuando la cruda nos alcance

Amy Winehouse – Rehab Parody


“I finally got my ass to rehab”

They finally got me into rehab
They say, go, go, go
I smoked so much crack
My lungs are turned black
Said, whoa, whoa, whoa
I guess it’s probably time
Cuz my daddy says I’m dying
It’s time to get my ass to rehab
No more blow, blow, blow

I won’t live to see old age
I keep throwing up all over the stage
And I better get cleaned up by the Grammys
But I ain’t slept in nearly seven days
I must’ve popped too many pills
Cuz the doorbell rang
And there was Dr. Phil

I got my sorry ass to rehab
They said, go, go, go
Yes, I done smack
But now I’m on track
Makes some dough, dough, dough
I think I’ll be fine
But I sure could use a line
It’s pretty hard to find in rehab
They say, no, no, no



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